Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day Three: Smooth Sailing

Today was BUSY,
but nice.  Taz did his exercises with no hesitancy,
and took his supplements like a Marine under orders. 
 I was relieved. 

We rushed home to do homework, then out the door at 4:15 for Brain Balance Session. 
Jon rated him all 5's, and we were back home before we knew it.
To Do:
 More Homework for School
With all the hours we put in at night on Homework, I
really think he might get it ALL done more quickly if we would
Home School.
But then there is the Social Aspect.
And the Income Aspect.
And the Patience Aspect.
Something to ponder.
Not sure we could stand each other 24/7, either.
Homeschool??  Maybe not.
Just for fun, here is a look at

Taz's Artwork this week: 
We were given 7 snake eggs by a family
who has a farm

4 of them hatched this week

 This is what came of it...
Art Project at School
The Art Teacher asked last week if I had ever had
Taz Tested for Autism.
Guess somethings are apparent in
Artistic Expression?

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