Monday, September 23, 2013

Day One Brain Balance: Here We Go!

We arrived in the Brain Balance Center with time to spare.  Sitting in the waiting room for our first session with the Therapists, I observed a set of sisters, one about Taz's age, and one younger (maybe 6 or 7).  The younger one was visibly irritated and picking on her older sister.  The oblivious father sat in the corner reading a book.  Taz took note of the bickering, but held his peace.  Both girls were very active, moving about the waiting room and going out into the foyer at times, talking to Pam, the Receptionist/Hostess. 

In a few moments, Jon (the Therapist) came in to the Waiting Room and called the names of Taz and the older girl.  He took them into the hallway, told them to remove their left socks, then swiftly disappeared into the "back rooms for therapy."  

I passed the time by reading some articles on Autism and looked at some recipes.  The hour flew by, and soon Taz and the girl were back out in the waiting room, a flurry of paper and shoes and socks.  Below is the "Report Card" Taz received.  I am told he will have one to let me know how he behaved and his progress after every session. 

"Did you like Jon?"

"Yes, he made me do pushups and it hurt my arm."

"But was he nice?"

"Yes, everyone was nice, I had to read, then do math, but it wasn't too hard."
Here is the Report of Taz's First day
in the Brain Balance Center.
Of course, this is a medicated Taz.
I will try one day without medication to see
what the results are.
And so, we begin, with much prayer and hope.
Onward and Upward
to Neuro-improvement!


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