Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day Four: A Night at Home (at last)

Our fourth day on the Program went off with only a small glitch: 

To distract him fm the Biscuits,
we made "Gack Goop"
Taz enjoys slipping into his
Super Hero Outfit after school

Taz had an intense craving for KFC Biscuits. 

Poor guy!  I can relate, I have been craving lots of carbs, but it hurt me so much to see him beg for just one biscuit. 

 I feel some shame and regret for not researching more carefully, and not sooner.

  I have allowed him to OD on the carbs, unknowingly poisoning him, and converting while flour and junk food to sugar to cause Leaky Gut and brain inflamation for long enough. 

I shudder to think of the damage I have done to my precious child.  The trouble he has been in at school, at church, and at home, caused most probably at least in part by the sugar, starch and unprocessed foods I have laid before him and encouraged him to eat. 

Such foolishness some of us have lived with!  But now, with the Truth in my hand, I am making a change.  His tears and begging for Biscuits only strengthened my resolve to help him develop the same desire for fresh, organic food.  Clean Food. 

Taz'z behavior has been excellent.  Even Hubster commented on Taz's obvious change.  He is calmer, less argumentative, and outwardly happier. 

The supplements seem to be making a big difference.  I love the B-vitamin calming cream (more on that later).  Brain Balance supplies us with 8 supplements to be given once, twice, some of them 3 times daily.  So far Taz has taken them without much hesitancy.  I pray this continues. 
this is a sample of some of Taz's creative endeavors...
a unique devil bug made with stuff from around the house

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