Friday, September 27, 2013

Day Five; The First Weekend

Friday Night Schedule: 

Leave school with Taz, go directly home, perform #1 core and eye exercise sessions, complete homework, put veggies and roast in crockpot, swipe at the counters, then RUN out the door for our Brain Balance session #3.  Taz did wonderfully, although he said he would rather go to "Monkey Joe's."  The protests were minimal, and here is his report card for the day from the therapists at Brain Balance.

Next:  Back home, I get the supplements (#1) in Taz, Get dinner on the Table, Eat, and Try to get Taz to eat some veggies and some fruit (he loves meat, Thank the LORD)... Clear table (everyone clears their own dishes), put dishes in dishwasher, call my mother, swipe the dinner table and counters, put leftover food away. 

Then:  I help Taz Perform his last Core and Eye Exercise Session for the day (this takes us about 11-13 minutes if Taz cooperates).  Next is 20 m ins of reading together as a family from our story (Gulliver's Travels, adapted for children).  We quickly discuss the main points of the reading.  My next essential goal is to get the #2 supplement servings into Taz's body (he calls the one supplement "Mud," and avoids it at all costs).  I bribe him by giving him 5 extra minutes on the Computer Game "Minecraft" for Saturday.

  He finally obliges after 10 mins. of protests, and gulps the brown mushy substance down (I mix it with 3 ozs. of OJ, but it is still pretty bad in looks and smell).  I praise Taz for doing yet another "Hard Thing" for his health, all the while leading him to the shower to clean up for the day.

 Taz takes long showers, thoroughly enjoying himself by singing, talking to himself, floating anything he can find in there, and basically distracting himself in every way possible from doing what he is supposed to be doing:  washing himself.  I have never known as shower by Taz that has not required a reminder to "Wash your face, and remember those underarms." 


Taz cuddles up to Hubster to watch a bit of a DVD (Heroes of the Bible- from the Public Library).  I hop in the shower, hop out, and take the calming B6 lotion and a yawning Taz to his Bedroom.  As we lay on his bed, I massage the B6 (and other essential vitamins) into his back as I tell him a story about two kittens on an adventure on the White River in Arkansas.

 I love the smell of the lotion from Brain Balance, using it twice daily to help Taz not only get the vitamins, but hope for the promised calming effect as well.  It works.  The lemon balm aroma mixed with the droning of my monotone voice telling about the kittens, along with the long, comforting strokes of the back rub lull Taz to a peaceful, restful place.  We say his Night-time prayers, and he is off to dreamland.  

As I leave his room, I reflect back on our first week of Brain Balance.  Yes, it was HECTIC, BUSY and rushed.  But we made it to day 5.  In one piece, and without too much stress or tantruming.  I whisper a little prayer of Thanks to my LORD for getting us this far.  Onward and Upward!

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