Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day Two: Thoughts on Friendship, Food, and Handwriting...

Thank Goodness Taz
has been able to make
lots of friends.
This was a photo from
last spring, when we invited all
the boys from Taz's class and
his girl cousins over for a
Science Play date

Taz with Andres, best friend fm schoo
Throwing Boomarangs in the field
(Potato is for Hubster,
 who is still uncompliant with the diet)
A true meat and potatoes man!

Sample of School Work...
Handwriting is a bone of contention. 
But Daniel, the Brain Balance Coordinator
explained that it may be
similar to: 
If someone asked me to write an essay,
but I had to wear thick gardening gloves while writing,
this is Taz's challenge.

Check this out:

 It is free to join, and a great place to ask questions
 and get support or encouragement.

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