Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 8: Is this Asberger's??

Taz designsed a "Paint by Number" Sheet
the idea was all his own
he completed this with no prompting or help...
Since Kindergarten, Taz has declared that he
will be a Submarine Captain when he is an Adult.
He has 3 Remote control Submarines,
and loves to play with them in
swimming pools, small creeks,
any place we allow.
His art work always reflects some part of him.
He is often mistakenly thought of as having
Asperger's Syndrome because he has
memorized vast amounts of knowledge
about a great many topics. 
Here are some of his favorite subjects:
  Penguins, Kittens,
Submarines, Crabs, Airplanes,
Fly Fishing, Trout fishing,
Building Train Tracks,
and Basic Mechanics.
He also begged me to teach him to sew.
In my reading, Asberger's subjects have a vast knowledge that is limited to only a few subjects
(about which the child obsesses).
Taz obsesses and Thinks about/Talks about/manipulates with his hands/etc.
on things until he has "mastery" over the material. 
In my opinion, his is different than the Asberger's obsessive behavior.
This mastering of topics also tends to wear him out,
and we are grateful that he sleeps well without intervention.
Many have told me there is nothing at all "wrong" with Taz.
Elderly people have said, "Just take that boy out in a field and LET HIM RUN."
But they don't see the day to day,
week to week concerns that are evident to me.
They don't see that his handwriting is on a level with first semester Kindergartners.
They don't understand that he clicks and hums unknowingly when un-medicated.
Or even Meows sometimes.

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