Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 10: Eating Haddock

"These Anchovies are yummy," exclaims Taz as he gobbles down bite after bite of grilled Haddock. 

Hubster gently corrects Taz, "That is Haddock, it was caught wild in China." 

On the Menu:
   Grilled Haddock
   Sweet Potato cubes with spicy seasoning
   Apple slices (Organic Jonathan Apples bought today at the Farmer's market)

It is amazing how well this kid eats, the one who used to only eat Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, Pop Tarts, and Popcorn. We are Thrilled! 

Taz still begs for Cookies, Biscuits, and such, but he is slowly adapting to this new, wonderful way of eating.  I believe his taste buds have re-awakened.

Exercises now take approximately 18 minutes to complete per session (still doing them 3 times daily). Taz does many of them with no prompting, and is trying to improve his technique. 

 The best part is that I believe Taz is actually gaining weight!!  He had been 48 pounds for 2 and a half years, which was why we started letting him eat the Reece's Cups and junk more frequently.  Our Pediatrician had mentioned that if he didn't gain weight by the next routine visit, he may have to discontinue the medication (a probable school disaster, I fear). 

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