Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 25: Harvesting Seeds for Next Spring

For Improving fine motor skills,
and for teaching life lessons
for the future...

Taz separates seeds from dried blooms
of Chives and other herbs
for our Garden Next Spring

We are harvesting much more than seeds these days.  This Program is helping in many ways...  both obvious and not so obvious.  I love how Taz is receiving positive, encouraging input three days a week about how well he is doing on this program.  All of the people at Brain Balance are full of smiles, encouraging words, and high fives when it comes to Taz's participation in the Program.

I love how Daniel believes in my kid.  I love how Pam greets Taz as he walks in the door,  And how she often tells me what a special kid he is.  John believes in Taz, too. Taz has a special connection with both John and Kelly.  He talks about them at home, conveying that he views them as close friends.  The best part is that I know that each associate truly believes, as I do, that the brain can be changed—something once thought impossible. That means my child's problems aren’t permanent, and the situation isn’t hopeless. What a marvelous and much sought after thing... HOPE!   We have HOPE here! 

Why can't the opponents of this theory recognize that many childhood disorders are actually manifestations of a single underlying condition (Functional Disconnection—an imbalance in the connections and function between and within the hemispheres (sides) of a child’s brain?  It seems so obvious to me, and to Daniel, John, Pam, and Kelly.   I am so grateful to God for each of them! 

Each one encourages Taz, his father, and me in their unique area of expertise.  I love how the program is tailored to my child's specific needs.  I love the environment where Taz can develop, balance and GROW... in a safe and Beautiful place. 

I also love that there are other children there, children with needs, children with whom Taz can talk, relate, and become friends.  He was so excited yesterday when one of his friends finished the Program.  He chattered on in the car on the way home from our session about how Tori got to put paint on her hands and put her hand prints on the wall. 

I will praise my GOD for this Center for many days!  Thank you to all our Friends at Brain Balance for all of your assistance, encouragement, and belief in us! 


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