Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 17: Doing Man's Work without a Battle

Taz helps Hubster
sheet rock the basement walls
Taz was cheerful most of the day today.  He begged to help Hubster with work in remodeling the basement.

 This was most rare, since Taz generally wants to play or do anything else but work. 

This trait of trying everything and anything to get out of physical work is one of my biggest irritants.  I had hoped that my son would be a good, hard worker.  I tried in every way I could to instill the work ethic into his being.

  Today, I saw a glimpse of the fruits of my efforts. 

In tiny, teeny ways, there are changes in Taz.  He seems happier, more secure somehow.  We have been open about the "deficits" that the Theory of Brain Balance originator Dr. Mellilo has written about.  Of course, we believe that everyone has a bit of an unbalance brain, so we reassure Taz that there is nothing "wrong" with him, only that he could stand to improve and make his life easier by working the program. 

Incidentally, today we went to the library and checked out the movie, "The Whale and Mozart."  It was an eye opening view of Asperger's and Autism in Adult Form.  I recommend it to anyone who doubts that the Spectrum disorders are "unrecoverable."  Who would not give all they had to take a Chance on Recovery if it might be Recoverable?  Who would just let their child grow up without intervention, only to have a difficult and awkwardly uncomfortable adulthood like that portraited in this movie.  Last week, Hubster and I watched "Rainman" again.  I think we are trying to psych ourselves up for staying with the program, diet, exercises, etc.  The program is Tough, but not as tough as living with full blown Autism for the rest of one's life!   The fits that Raymond (the character with Autism in the movie) were scary, and not like any fit or tantrum Taz has ever thrown.  He does not hit himself in the head, thank goodness.  My heart hurt and I cried for all mothers of severely Autistic children while I watched. 

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