Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 28: This Program Is Hard Work... And Worth Every Second Invested!

Score or Report Cards
for each session
 One thing I must say about this program is that to complete it successfully, a family must be Totally Committed to Consistent Hard Work for 12 weeks, with no reprieve.  You MUST drive the brain into change everyday, seven days a week, with exercises 3 times a day!  That has been our experience to this point. 

I talked with several of the Moms who came to lectures at the Center in the months and weeks before we committed and turned over the funds to implement this Program.  Some were Gung-Ho, like we are, others expressed regret that they did not take the diet seriously. 

Self Evals required
Brain Balance
I decided that we were going to be 100%,  to the best of our ability with the exercises, diet, and supplements.  This may be one reason why others think Brain Balance fails.  It requires tenacious "stick-to-it-ive" drive and commitment.  That seems rare in this culture.   But it is necessary with this Program, in my opinion.    I actually like the self-evaluation tools that are required in the Center every few weeks.  This keeps me accountable as a Mom.  It keeps me focused on our goals, and the reasons we are participating in this HARD THING in the first place.  If Taz had Cancer, wouldn't I give up everything to help him find a CURE?   Well, I feel the same way about this Treatment.  I want to give it all we have, every last chance to achieve wellness in focus, attention, and wholeness.    There are those who claim that their child has been "Cured" of ADHD, Autism, and Aspergers.  Well, I want that for Taz.  If it is possible, then we are GOING FOR IT! 

This program is for people who want a total brain change:  as evidenced by advances in behavioral, cognitive, and motor skills. If the problem is only cognitive, tutoring may be enough.

  But for many kids, this is the cure they were waiting for. We have seen too many stories and blogs and endorsements to say it was anything else but the work that  the child and parents and staff performed through the Brain Balance program--there is no way it was coincidence.

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