Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 18: Meeting with a Favorite Author, Michael Sgrignoli

Taz loved reading the Dinosaur poetry when he was much younger.  He still enjoys the books, and we had the opportunity to meet the author today.  Did you know that his illustrator, 8 year old son was said to have Asperger's?    This rumor only makes me more interested in getting to know them both better.
"The father and son team that brought you face to snout with some not-so-familiar ancient beasts have unleashed another collection of fun, fact-filled rhyming stories. This new collection (a baker's dozen plus one) starts where Dinorific Poetry Volume 1 left off and shines an illuminating beam on some fascinating creatures that Michael and Ethan believe deserve your admiration. Oh, and that pink and yellow guy to the left? That's Ethan's representation of an animal called “minmi” that was found in Australia. He also happens to grace the cover of Volume 2. We can't wait to tell you more...but be careful, you might just learn something."

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