Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 35: Improvements Continue (with Creeper Rewards?)

Taz excitedly got into the car after our 15th session today at Brain Balance.

"I got to pick out a pumpkin and write my name on it, and drew a drawing of a Creeper on it, like a Jack-O-Lantern today!  Miss Kelly wants to see my flowers from MineCraft, too.  Can we print them off the computer and take them to Brain Balance next time?"

"What was the Pumpkin for?" I asked.

"I moved up to "Level E"  in Drawing Conclusions in the Cognitive Room Today." was the reply.   He was happy, and proud of himself.  He feels good about his work, and his improvements.  He is also grateful that he has taken the last of the Supplement "Tumero Active K-75," the orange supplement that I initially sprayed all over the countertop, cabinets, and wall on that first day of Supplement Taking so long ago.  My, that was ages ago...

In "those days, supplement taking was nearly worse than pulling a tooth.  Now I simply pour them, sit them on the counter, and Taz takes them.  He does hold his nose, though.  He says it cuts the nasty taste.  We are at the beginning of week 5, so the Leaky Gut should be long gone, like the black circles that used to be under Taz's eyes. 

Today's Report Card
 from Brain Balance

We still use the Reward system, and are implementing some other helpful strategies gleaned from Dr. Melillo's 2nd Book, "Re-Connected Kids."  And Taz still suffers occasional meltdowns, but I would describe them as "fits" rather than full blown, hour long tantrums as in the past.  He used to have 2-3 per week, but our average is one a month now. 

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