Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 31: Taz Studying Schoolwork: On meds vs. off meds

"always attentive and
tries his hardest,
working on an essay...
Moved up a level in 7 Physical Activities"

Studying for Bible Verse
Taz has a Memory Verse test at his school
every Friday

He does very well with simple memorization

Thursday Night is crunch night if he has not worked on the
memory work a little per day
Just a little observation regarding studying (memorization) at night when all ADHD medication has worn off.  Taz seems to be able to still focus on the work without meds.  He is still very active, moving around and louder in the evenings when all medication has subsided effectiveness.  But he seems to be able to calm himself enough to study effectively.  This is a positive change, and one noted after the onset of our Brain balance program.
Here are a few other pictures of scenes around our home: 
Organic Tomatoes grown in our Garden this summer.


Working on the Johnson 18 Jet power -  putting the Jet Pump back together
(main drive shaft bearing and water pump and seal were faulty)



Susquehanna River
New Cumberland Area
Fishing Trip 

Sample Moro Reflex



Sausage and Burger mixed together
With Tomato salad, and sprouted alfalfa
for dinner.
I wouldn't have believed the Taz would dig into
this type of food
2 months ago,
when all he wanted was Little Caesar's Breadsticks
and Reeces' Cups
Gluten is an irritant, and an inflamer of tissue
of that I am certain! 

This was taken last summer when we
sent Taz to his room
so we could have a private talk
(he was not being disciplined, this is just
a typical happening around the house with
Taz... he took all the side papers
off the computer paper and made
a "Fort" of paper
(this happened in about 6 minutes time)

The Incredible 3rd Grade Teacher who adored
our Taz and made such a difference in his life

Easy to earn 100% in Scripture Memorization
for 3rd grade 
Sample of the Rabbit Stew we made for 3rd Grade Pioneer Day

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