Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 29: Nearly a Month now... Oh the Changes we See!

I wanted to write a bit about the "day to day" goings on of our sessions at Brain Balance. 

 If a reader is following this blog, considering enrolling their child in the Program, this will help with giving an idea about what the sessions involve.

Usually Taz has worked either 1-on-1 with an Therapist, or 2-on-1 (two kids for every employee). That was the most, 2 to one.  I stay at the facility at least half of the time Taz is there (half of the sessions).  I am an observer, and like to hear and see as much as I can about the daily grind there.  I hear the Receptionist talking to the Director, the Receptionist cheerfully greeting each child as they enter the facility, and the interaction of the other parents with the Therapists, etc.  Not ALL the interactions, but I am always interested in hearing/seeing/observing if there is congruence among the staff every minute of the day. 

What I learned is that the Receptionist (Pam, who is perfect for the job because she establishes a rapport with the children quickly and early on in the program) was so interested in the Program, and in what the children were going through and feeling, that she decided to experience an Elimination Diet herself. 

This really impressed me.  She was walking the walk.  The Director, Daniel, has also experienced the Elimination Diet, and has written about it on the Program's Blog.

Another thing I noticed and LOVE is that the session time is precious and well used.   Taz's one hour is always a full one hour,  with new activities/tasks every 3-5 minutes.  I believe Taz is getting more out of this program than any other therapy I have paid for (and there have been many). 

Just another
Fruity Breakfast
(and very different for a month ago!)
 I know the cost is a bit overwhelming, but if you break it down into the individual costs, sessions are very reasonably priced for all that is included. I have met others who have paid for lots of therapy (music, speech, OT), along with multiple evaluations.  Some have paid more for evaluations,  and more hourly for therapy than the rates Brain Balance charges. I have met enough people in my own experience who have had wonderful results with this program,  including us to be able to say "It Works."

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