Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 22- Comparing Artwork

Cousin Crafts

Taz, Age 10 (painting on left)
Cousin, age 6 (Painting on right)

Taz's cousin was visiting so his mother could work late.  We picked him up at his school, and brought him home.
After homework and Brain Balance exercises, we did a scavenger hunt and the art projects (above) were the treasure at the end.  

It was interesting to note how the two boys painted differently.  Cousin kept his paints pure, never mixing and dipping the brush carefully between each color to clean it.

  Taz immediately wanted to mix his colors, with the end result being an army green color.  He ran out of paint, but Cousin had at least half left, so Taz was able to complete his artwork despite having used most of his paint for mixing instead of painting. 
Afterwards, we did a mini cleaning session, sweeping up the Dining area floor.  Taz had a slight hesitancy, but the reward of his daily time (30 minutes) of video gaming quickly changed his oppositional attitude. 

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