Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 27: Morning Chores and Prep ... a Challenge which has been Overcome!

Laminated Routine Morning Card
Taz completes and crosses off these tasks
with washable marker.

It helps decrease the "Nag Factor"
and makes Taz accountable for his own chores
and daily preparation activities

(Incidentally, a Brazil Nut is the only natural food which
contains Selenium, which has been
found to be missing in the bodies of children
diagnosed with ADHD, so Taz eats one
Brazil nut with his Vitamins each day)

When Taz completes his AM Routine without prompting or nagging,
he is rewarded with 30 minutes of "Screen Time"
that same afternoon
This can be a video (movie) or
a computer game... his choice.


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