Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 11: Hectic Schedule, but Progress is Seen

Biking with my Friend Miss Amy

I had a meeting after school today, so Miss Amy, our friend and sitter took Taz biking for an hour.  Taz's fourth grade teacher stopped me in the hallway to tell me he was "on Task" more than ever this morning.  (She hadn't really ever told me that he was NOT on task, so I was a bit befuddled at first). 
But after consideration, I decided to take it as PROGRESS and not obsess about the not on task previous ignorance).  He did pack everything in his backpack, just as instructed!  This is a point of contention, since many nights we get started on Homework, and discover he left the book or paper at school.  
Making Halloween Crows
  I was experiencing a toothache today, so he was more on his own for his physical exercises today.  The exercises take approximately 15 minutes to perform from start to finish these days.  His right eye is following the pencil much more closely now.  He performs the exercises more easily, and without tooo much complaint (even though he has to do them 3 times every day).

We made these crows for Halloween decorations today after school.   It is obvious that Taz's fine motor skills still have room for growth.  Practice makes perfect.

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